I am a high school science teacher in the metro Denver area. A few years ago, hot wings, white wine, movie theater popcorn, and excessive quantities of bacon started to interfere with my pants-buttoning skills.  For years I solved the problem by purchasing larger pants, as though the number on the jeans indicated skill-level for pant operation.  A life busy with sedentary activities and stress kept me in a holding pattern of poor health and excuses that one day led me to make a change.  I became fascinated with the psychology of weight loss and achievement of health goals.  Through seven months of dieting and some pretty hard work, I found myself competing at my first bodybuilding competition in 2016. I did terribly, but I fell in love with the sport and found subsequent success.  It was the hardest accomplishment I’ve achieved to date, and I’ve found a new way to challenge myself that I absolutely love.  In my off season, I enjoy dancing ballet and rock climbing – two totally opposite sports that have far more in common than one might suspect.  I still struggle with the feeling that this new body is only temporary.  Hopefully my writing will show that it’s not always easy for all of us, but it’s possible to make the changes that are necessary to live a balanced, healthy, and fulfilled life.